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Photo Browser

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Browsing files and folders

Using Fly Free Photo Browser, you can browse, sort, manage, manipulate, and share your files and images. You can view thumbnail previews of images and media files and use many the tools to upload your photos to online album or batch resize images or batch generate photo slideshow PowerPoint.

The Browser and tool panes can be resized or hidden.

About Browser panes

The Fly Free Photo Browser consists of the following panes:

File List pane

This pane displays the contents of the currently selected folder. The File List pane is always visible, and cannot be hidden or closed. You can customize the File List pane by changing the way the files are displayed.

Folders pane

This pane displays the directory structure of your computer, much like the directory tree in Windows Explorer. You can use the Folders pane to browse through the folders and display their contents in the File List pane. 

Tools pane

This pane lists the tools which you can select your files to upload or batch generation or resize.

Favorites pane

This pane stores shortcuts to your favorite image folders. Right click a folder and add it into the Favorites pane creates a shortcut to the original without affecting it in any way.

Web Browser

On the top of the window, you may input URL to browse Internet homepage. Each web page could be displayed on a new tab. You may click the button HTML to JPG to convert it to image file.

Web page Pane

This pane combines your IE history & bookmarks, when you click anyone of them, the web page will be displayed in a new tab.

Last Updated on Monday, 13 July 2009 04:33