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Photo viewer & editing tool

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In the interface of image view, you may find several panels around the image. There is Image Editing Panel at right, Navigation Panel under the image and Status Bar at the bottom.

Navigation Bar
The navigation bar contains some buttons you click to view the previous image, next image, full screen, slideshow and so on.

You can copy the image to the clipboard so that it can be easily paste it into a Word or Excel file. When it's copied to clipboard, it's automatically resized to the screen resolution in order to minimize the size of your Word of Excel file.

Image editing tool
The image editing panel contains the functions to enhance your photos. The functions includes crop, resize, RGB adjustment, contrast, brightness, remove red eye etc.

Status Bar

The status bar shows some information about the displayed image at the bottom side of the main window. These information includes file size, file type, modified date.

Detail information regarding the Navigation Bar

Full Screen

Click the buuton Full Screen, the image will be displayed in full screen mode.


When viewing a image, click the buuton Slideshow, the image will be automatically zoomed in full screen and play slideshow . You may start or stop it by clicking the play or pause button.

Set as wallpaper

When viewing a image, click the buuton Set as wallpaper, the image can be set as the wallpaper on your PC screen.
Click the Options Menu, then Properties and finally the Full Screen/Slideshow tab for setting all full screen options.

Display options
The images are displayed automatically to fit the window. You may click the buton 1:1 to display the image in actual size or use the slider to zoom in or out the image display. 

Support file type


Detail information regarding image editing tool, please refer to the article Photo Editing Tool.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 June 2009 09:15