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Quick Start - manage & editing your photos easily

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Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer Software provides a easy way for you to organize your photos and share it quickly with your friends via MSN, Flickr, Google Space or Facebook. It contains the following functions and very easy-to-use interface for you to view & edit your images.

1. Image browser & sharing tool & batch tool

Fly Free provides a Apple style interface for you to manage or editing your photos. Below is the screen shot.

Screenshot 1 - Fly Free Photo Editing Software


1. The image browser contains most functions of Windows explorer like copy, paste, move image files.
2. You may add a folder to your favorite for find it easily.
3. Double click to view the image in a new opened tab.
4. All the images would be view in tabs and you can reopen a recently closed tab by one click.
5. Batch resize images & batch add photos to a PowerPoint file.
6. Input the URL on the top and it becomes a multiple tab web page browser and the web page can be converted to a image file entirely.

2. Image viewer & editing tool

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer provides a very easy-to-use multiple tabs image viewer. The traditional image viewers can just view one image each time and sometimes is very frustrated if you want to view multiply image simultaneously.ScreenShot 2 - Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer

1. View image in full screen mode, slideshow, zoom.
2. Full screen slideshow is much easier than any other image viewers.
3. Photo editing tool like crop, resize, rotate, flip, text, brightness, hue, contrast, gray, monochrome, RGB, red eye.
4. Undo by edit history: you may find the edit history at the bottom right, you may choose which step you want to undo.
5. Set the image as wallpaper.
6. Copy the image to the clipboard, when coping to clipboard, 5DFly automatically resize the image to the screen resolution and it would be much smaller than that of the original photo and copied to Word, Excel file easily.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 July 2010 08:49