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Rotate or Flip a Image

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In Editing Panel, you may find the tools of  Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counterclockwise, Rotate 180, Flip Horizontal  and Flip Vertical.

To rotate or flip a image, you may do one of the following,

In image view mode, on the image Editing Panel,

1. To rotate image clockwise, click button Rotate Clockwise, the image will turn 90 degrees clockwise;
2. To rotate image counterclockwise, click button Rotate Counterclockwise, the image will turn 90 degress counterclocewise;
3. To rotate image 180 degree, click button Rotate 180.
4. To flip image horizontal, click button Flip Horizontal.
5. To flip image vertical, click button Flip Vertical.

When it's done, if you want to save the change, click the button Save in the toolbar on the top area.

To undo or redo your editing, please click the tab Editing History on the bottom of Editing Panel, all your editing history is listed and click one of them to roll back.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 June 2009 06:49