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Converting images to PDF using Picasa

Picasa is a software product, allowing users to view, organize, edit and share images. Because it provides a print option, you can use it to convert the image through the novaPDF Printing images for PDF. If the image is converted to PDF format from Picasa:

1. Open Picasa and select the desired image is converted to PDF format (which can be a single image or multiple images, if you want to convert multiple JPG format PDF).
2. Into the file and select Print (Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + P or click the Print icon on the toolbar below)
3. In the Print window, you must select novaPDF printer from the Printer Settings section. In addition, you can choose the image print layout (a single image, multiple images per page), and select the number of copies of each PDF page.
4. After clicking the Print button, you are prompted to enter a location of the PDF document, when the company created it will automatically open (these settings can be changed using novaPDF Printing Preferences window).

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